Illoura Animal Refuge is a not-for-profit animal shelter located in the heart of the Derwent Valley, Tasmania.

Illoura, meaning "pleasant place" in Indigenous language, lives up to its name by providing refuge to hundreds of stray, unwanted, abandoned and mistreated farm and companion animals. We focus on rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming while providing permanent residence to many animals that due to circumstance, cannot be rehomed.

Illoura was founded and is run by young animal activist Grace Hills from her Hayes home and strives to promote responsible pet ownership through highlighting the importance of desexing and microchipping. We rehome cats and dogs once they have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.

Illoura Animal Refuge specialises in poultry rescue as well as working towards significantly reducing local stray and feral cat populations through various programs and strategies.